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CDA Training Program


Our CDA training program meets the educational requirements to apply for a National Child Development Associate Credential (CDA). The tuition to enroll in the CDA training program is $399.

The tuition for the payment plan is based on a per module fee.  The CDA Training program includes the 120 hours of training required to apply for a CDA; as well as resources and tutorials to assist you with the remaining CDA process.


Enroll in Time To SignOption 1. CDA Training Package


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CDA Training Package

There are two components to the CDA Training Package:

1. CDA Training - CDA Training Course List

There is a total of 120 hours of courses. The curriculum for the 120 hours of training is completely online. There are no text books or materials to print out.

The 120 hours is compiled of child care courses that are 1 to 3 hours each, they are self -paced courses and can be saved and resumed during any point in the course. There is a 10 question test at the end of each course. The questions on the test are completely based on the materials covered in that specific course. The student must get 70% or better to pass the test. If 70% is not achieved, then the training system automatically takes the student back through the course to review the materials that were missed on the test. The student may take the test as many times as needed to pass.

2. Resources and Tutorials

The resources and tutorials are designed to help the CDA student complete the process that is NOT part of the 120 hours of child care training. The tutorials have been added as a complimentary service to help students succeed in the online self-paced program. The content of the Resources and Tutorials is printable.

If the student enrolls in the complete CDA training package, the 120 hours of training must be complete within one year.

If you are concerned about completing it in one year, then you may want to consider enrolling in the program with the payment plan (pay-as-you-go). The payment plan allows the student to pay for the program one module at a time, and the courses for each module are added to the student training platform at the time of payment. Access to the courses are one year from the date which they are added to the training platform.

The CDA training does not have a final test after completing the 120 hours. However, there is an additional process to obtain a CDA Credential.


Find us on U.S Department of Health and Human Services: National Child Care Information and Technical Assistance Center (NCCIC)

We are listed under Washington State and National training organizations. * The NCCIC website went offline in 2012 and we have not been informed when their site will be back up.





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